Use the steps below to add contributors you want to send invitations to:
  1. Log in to Virtual Event Bags
  2. Choose bag
  3. On the left, select Content, then Contributors
  4. Review and edit Invitation Content
    1. Sender Name
    2. Subject Line
    3. Message Content
  5. Complete Add Recipients section by either:
    • Type recipients Full Name, Company and Email Address
    • Upload a CSV file with headers for name, company and email by clicking Choose File and adding file
      • Note: When adding individual contributors, Content Card Type will default to what is chosen in Content Builder, but can be changed using the dropdown. To change the default, see help article Content Builder
      • Note: If importing a CSV file, all placements will be set to your default price, these can be adjusted individually after the upload is complete
      • Note: CSV file headers must be lowercase letters
  6. Click Preview and review invitation
  7. Click Send