What is ACTIVE Refund?

ACTIVE Refund is an optional purchase available to you at checkout for certain activities that use Active Network software for activity registration. When purchased, ACTIVE Refund makes the underlying registration fee refundable, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Event Organizers: Note: If you receive a query from your participant indicating that they would like to cancel and refund the ACTIVE Refund service, please advise the registrant to reach out to ACTIVE consumer support team at support@active.com including the ACTIVE Refund Order ID or ACTIVE Refund Reference ID. 

Note: After a participant claimed the ACTIVE Refund for their order, this specific order will show up as Cancelled with a cancellation fee. The Entered by will be blank as it's automatically cancelled from ACTIVE Refund's side. The order refund will be covered by ACTIVE Refund WITHOUT affecting your remittance.