Below are instructions to edit or remove a custom waiver after logging in to Camps & Class Manager.

Edit Waiver
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home tab), under Seasons, click season name
  2. Under Actions, click Edit setup 
  3. Click Registration forms under Settings (within the dark grey sidebar on the right)
  4. Click Edit next to waiver to change:
    1. Edit Waiver name
    2. Edit Waiver text using the WYSIWYG rich text editor
    3. Click Save and continue
  5. Click Save and continue
Remove Waiver
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home tab), under Seasons, click a season name
  2. Under Actions, click Edit setup 
  3. Under Settings, Click Registration forms
  4. Next to waiver to remove, click Delete 
    • Note: It is only possible to delete a waiver if registrations have not processed - if registrations exist, then waivers may be deactivated
  5. Click Deactivate waiver
  6. Click Save and continue

Note: The waiver signed by registrants is retained - existing registrants retain the original waiver and future registrants will sign the updated waiver
Note: Each version signed registrant waivers are saved and can be retrieved, if necessary

To require consumers to read entire agreement/waiver contents during registration, please contact Support to enable the feature "Registrants must scroll through the whole waiver/agreement before they can agree with the waiver/agreement". Then consumers must click organization specific waivers and Active Agreement and Waiver links to open the popup, scroll through the whole agreement/waiver before they can agree.
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