During the registration process, registrants are required to electronically sign a waiver. By default, the ACTIVE.com waiver is always required. If you added a waiver to your season setup, then the information about that waiver signature is stored in Camp & Class Manager. This includes:

  • The waiver text agreed to
  • The date/time of the agreement
  • The electronic signature entered by a user
To view a waiver status or timestamp for an individual person:
  1. People tab
  2. Locate the person in the list or use the search feature at the top right
  3. Click person's name
  4. Click order number
  5. Open Actions drop-down and select View
  6. In sidebar on right, locate Waivers & forms section
  7. Click Edit on waiver
    • Note: If a waiver was signed electronically already, it is not possible to edit.