Schedule your email to be sent automatically at a future date and time:

  1. Go to Email tab
  2. Click New > New Email 
  3. Create new email or select template
  • Step 1: Email Information Tab
  • In this step, agency users can insert dynamic fields for the following audiences in the subject line by clicking the Insert merge fields dropdown list:
  • Add recipient lists
  • Description
  • Click save and continue to move to the next tab
  • Step 2: Design tab
  • In this step, agency users can drag-and-drop different items onto the template canvas, including images, buttons, text, custom HTML code, section dividers, social media links and document links. Click here to get into Email Editor
  • Click save and continue to move to the next tab
  • Step 3: Preview & Send Tab
  • In this step, the customized template is displayed in both desktop and mobile previews, and agency users can send a test email to up to five email addresses.
  • Under the Delivery Schedule, select Send this email on a specific date and time

Note: If an email is edited during its scheduled delivery time, the email will not be sent. A new delivery day and time must be selected.

Note: If the time zone for your organization is changed, the scheduled emails will display the new time zone. For example, if the email was scheduled for 9:00 AM PST and the time zone is changed to EST, the email will be scheduled for 12:00 PM EST.

Note: To ensure that scheduled emails are sent out on the correct date and time, you can select the corresponding time zone for the date and time on which the email will be sent (the default time zone is your organization's configured time zone)
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Note: On pages and reports where emails are listed, the corresponding dates and times are listed in the organization’s configured time zone:

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