1. Click on Finance Tab
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Click on Accounts Receivable
  4. Click Edit beside  "For all orders placed"
  5. Enter the the desired date on "Orders placed between"  Section
  6. Click on Run Report
  7. Select Participants (put a check mark on the box beside the name)
  8. Click on Send Email
  9. Click on New email or Template 
  • Enter Subject
  • Edit from Address(optional)
  • Select Send a copy of this email to the secondary parent, when applicable (optional)
  • Enter Description 
  1. Click on Save and continue
  2. Click and drag the following item to the left side of the page.
  • text 
  • image (optional)
  • button (optional)
  • code (optional)
  • divider (optional)
  • social media(optional)
  • Document link(optional)
  1. Click on save and continue
  2. Send test email-optional (top right)
  3. Delivery Schedule Section  select either of the ff: 
  • Select "Send this email now"   Click on Send 
User-added image
  • Select "Send this email on a specific date and time"  Click on schedule
(enter the desired date and time to schedule the email to be sent)
User-added image