Scheduling reminder emails can be a great way of sending out notifications to families a specified number of days before the start of their session.

To create a reminder email go to:
  1. Email tab
  2. Click New New Reminder
  3. "Create a reminder email" selected by default, click OK
  4. Enter Subject, select Insert merge fields if applicable
  5. Modify From if needed
  6. Set Delivery schedule 
  • Note: You can set a specific time when the email will be sent out. The time zone drop-down next to it defaults to agency’s time zone for new reminder emails; shows UTC time zone for existing reminder emails
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  1. (Optional) Select Season from drop-down menu
  2. Click Save and continue
  3. Create email body, click Save and continue
  4. (Optional) Click Send test email on top right side
  5. Click Save Reminder