The ACTIVE account statement shows the following details for each billing period:
  • Credit card payments and refunds. Does not include check and cash transactions
  • Credit card payment processing fees
  • Registration fees
  • Past balances and chargeback order numbers
  • Other administrative fees/credits
To access ACTIVE Account Statement:
  1. Select Finance tab
  2. Select ACTIVE account statement
  3. Select pay period from Statement time period drop-down
    • ​​Note: Select Multiple pay periods to run report for a larger time period
  4. (Optional) Locate For season drop-down to limit report to a single season
  • Note: This restricts the report to one season instead of all of them, which is useful when seasons are running concurrently.
  1. Select Run report
  2. Select Export to download an Excel file to your computer (Optional)

To reconcile the payments received from ACTIVE with ACTIVE Account Statement, please refer to Reconcile Payments with Active Account Statement