The payments you received from Active can be reconciled with Active Account Statement (AAS) report. Here are the steps: 

Note: To access AAS report, please use this article:  Viewing and Exporting the Active Account Statement Report
Your received payment = Payments - Refunds - Processing fees/Registration fees
​​Note: If you have carry-over balance from previous payment periods, it should be deducted from the payments we send you
Note: Customers' check/cash payments are not counted into the payments we send you
  1. ​To total Credit card payments, go to Payment Activity tab and filter the Type column as Payment 
  • Note: If you have eCheck payments, the total should be Credit card payments plus eCheck payments
  1. To total Credit card refunds, go to Payment Activity tab and filter the Type column as Refund, Credit card refund and Credit refund
  • Note: If you have eCheck refunds, the total should be Credit card refunds plus eCheck refunds
  1. ​To total Credit card processing fees, go to Payment Activity tab and sum up the column Processing fee​
  • Note: If you have eCheck payments, the total should be Credit card processing fees plus eCheck processing fees
  1. Depending on your registration fees setting, use one of the following options to reconcile registration fees: 
    • ​To total Registration fees paid by organization, go to Registration activity tab and sum up the column Registration fee paid by organization
    • To total Registration fees paid by customer, go to Registration activity tab and sum up the column Registration fee paid by customer
  2. To total Additional processing fees paid by organization, please go to Additional purchase activity tab and sum up the column Processing fee paid by organization 
  • Note: Not all organizations have Additional processing fees 
  1. To total Chargeback total under Others tab, please click the chargeback order number link to view order details.
  1.  If you ever prefunded your account for refund use, please check Prefund adjustments to view prefund balance.
  • Prefund adjustments is the net change in the prefund amount during this Statement time period (it is the sum of all Prefund credits and Prefund debits during this Statement time period)
  • At the end of a Statement time period, any remaining prefund amount is carried over to the next Statement time period by issuing:
  • A Prefund debit transaction made on the end date in current remittance period 
  • A Prefund credit transaction made on the start date in next remittance period