Financial activity reports display detailed information on the Net revenue and Net payments that occurred within a specified time period.

To access financial activity reports:

  1. Click Finance tab
  2. Click View financial activity link 
  3. Select a start and end date by clicking the calendar icons beside the Time period boxes
    • Note: Dates follow UTC time.
  4. Click Update
    • (Optional) Click Export to download an Excel file to your computer
    • (Optional) Click Share to share your report with other users.

On the Summary tab, the Net revenue, Net payments and Change in balance for the specified time period display.
On the Revenue tab, the total sales, cancellations, transfers and discounts for the specified time period display. These are the elements used to calculate the net revenue.

The totals display as links. Click any link to view the transaction report for the amount. You can choose which totals you would like to see. From the Group by drop-down, select either Season, Session or Location.