Volunteer Captains can use these steps to create an email from a template to correspond with your volunteers. Use this option when emailing to a single job
  1. Log in to https://activeworks.active.com/login.faces
  2. Click VOLUNTEER tab across top
  3. Choose job 
  4. Click View
  5. Click Email Volunteers on top right
  6. Choose Select an existing template
  7. Check box for desired template name per event
  8. Click OK
  9. Preformatted template will populate as selected by Volunteer Director
    • Note: Do not change images or colors in template as they align with event branding standards
  10. Click into text box YOUR MESSAGE GOES HERE to add desired text
  11. Edit font size and position using black toolbar at top of message field
  12. Use Insert Object tool to add auto-populated or merged fields to email, like {volunteer_name} or {job_start_time}
  13. Click Save and Complete
  14. Add desired reply-to email address in Reply to field
  15. Add Subject for email subject line
  16. Add Description for internal email description 
  17. Send to email addresses automatically populate from job
  18. Click Save & continue
  19. Preview email
  20. Choose either send Now or Later and choose date and time