Below are instructions to download a Detailed report of transactions which created or consumed credit balances:
  1. From Organization Dashboard, click Financials tab
  2. Click Credit balance report
  3. Click Download and select Detailed report
  4. Click Download credit balance detailed report - MM/DD/YYYY
The Credit balance report now has two new columns:
  • Is Cash-out
  • ActiveID/AgencyID
User-added image
This image shows the credit balance ledger of all transactions for a participant called Anila.
Is Cash-out column
On 12/10/2021, three transaction lines (GBP 48.6, GBP 0 and GBP 8.64) have been added to the credit balance report. These lines relate directly to the original event the participant Anila registered for and what she purchased in that registration (hence the 0 for a free T-shirt) and matches exactly with the refund lines in the revenue report which have been cashed into the credit balance report.

On 1/12/2022, the organizer refunded the cash in the credit balance account to Anila’s original payment method (e.g., debit/credit card)
  • This is recorded as TRUE in the Is Cash-out column.
  • This means that you are returning cash to the customer from the credit balance account.
  • This cash is deducted from your organization’s account to fund the transaction.
  • Note: Cash-out transactions do not appear in the revenue report because they are not associated with a revenue event and are purely cash transactions.
If your revenue report says you will be remitted GBP 10,000 in that period, but your statement says you will receive GBP 9,850, then please check if there are GBP 150 of cash-out transactions in that period in the credit balance report (we will shortly upgrade the statements to reflect these cash-out scenarios, so they are easier to understand).

ActiveID/AgencyID column
We have added this ActiveID/AgencyID column to ensure that you can see all your credit balance transactions and can identify customers such as Adam (below) and send the appropriate communication so that who have received credits can use them for their next registration.
User-added image

Technical Explanation: An account is split into two tiers: parent and child:
  • Active ID is our enterprise “parent” ID that covers Adam worldwide and allows him to register for events no matter who the event organizer is with one simple sign-in using Active.
  • Agency ID is the “child” ID where Adam has a profile to manage his tickets with each individual organizer.
The above IDs are all managed by Active and Adam just has ONE account with

Practical Explanation: Adam might register for both Ironman and Tough Mudder events using his sign-in (Active ID), both organizers are completely independent companies but using ACTIVEWorks Endurance to power their events and thus each registration of Adam is linked to both the Active ID (parent) and unique Agency ID (child); one Agency ID for Tough Mudder and one Agency ID for Ironman.

Example: Adam has credit balance from a refund of an event called “marathon” (with a label ActiveID), which simply means he (as a purchaser) registered for somebody else into the “marathon” event. Adam has a credit to spend due to this refund. Although he has NOT linked his account with your organization, he is still able to see and use his credit balance by signing into MyEvents page for his next registration.

Note: To check the current available credits balance on registrants account. please Download a Credit Balance Summary Report.