Credit balance can be refunded to a consumer’s original payment method now by following steps below:
  1. Log into your Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. Go to Tab People
  3. Select a participant
  5. Click Refund next to a credit balance 
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If you encounter a system error while refunding from Credit Balance, please refer to the explanation as below:
  • REFUND_ERROR, (This happens when OMS cannot detect what exactly the error is) "Refund failed due to an OMS error (error code: REFUND_ERROR), please try again later or contact technical support."
  • REFUND_LIMIT_EXCEEDED, (This happens when OMS detect the ED account does not have enough money for refund) "Refund failed due to insufficient remittance account funds (error code: REFUND_LIMIT_EXCEEDED), please try again when there are sufficient funds or contact technical support."
  • REFUND_LIMIT_NOT_RETRIEVABLE, (This happens when system interaction failed) "Refund Not Processed - Refund failed due to an unknown error (error code: REFUND_LIMIT_NOT_RETRIEVABLE), please try again later or contact technical support."
  • ORIGINAL_PAYMENT_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND (This happens when OMS cannot make sure which account is the original CC) "Refund failed as the original payment method is unknown (error code: ORIGINAL_PAYMENT_SOURCE_NOT_FOUND), please send this refund payment manually or contact technical support."