Knowing the IP Address of your Elite Reader is essential when trying to establish communication between the Reader and your PC.  If you do not know the IP Address of your Elite Reader, you are able to identify the IP Address by using the PuTTY software.  PuTTY is a third party software that can easily be found and downloaded free of charge using your internet browser.  To determine the IP Address of your Elite Reader using the PuTTY software, complete the following steps: 
Note: You will need to know which COM Port your Reader is connected to.  For steps to determine which COM Port your Elite Reader is connected to, see this article
  1. Power on Reader
    • Note:  Your Reader will need to complete the start up process before you will be able to continue.  Before proceeding to the next step, it is recommend to wait 5 to 10 minutes after powering on your device.
  2. Using Console port on Reader, connect Reader to PC
    • Console Port
  3. Open PuTTy Configuration
  4. Under Connection type, select Serial
    • Putty Configuration
  5. In Serial line field, enter appropriate COM Port of Reader connection
  6. In Speed field, enter 115200
  7. Select Open
    • Note: This will open a command screen
    • Command Screen
  8. On keyboard, press Enter
    • Command - Enter
  9. After login, type info
  10. On keyboard, press Enter
  11. After Password, type info
  12. On keyboard, press Enter
    • Device IP Address
    • Note:  IP address and Sub-net mask will show under Network Details.