A timer may need to install Lantronix Device Installer to recover a Lite Reader's IP address, on or after serial number AB000251. Below are instructions on how to install the Lantronix Device Installer.

1. Download Lantronix Device Installer
2. Click Start and click Computer
3. Navigate to download folder
4. Right click setup_di_x86.
5. Click Run as Administrator
6. Under User Account Control, click Yes
Note: May need to input administrator credentials
7. Select your language using drop-down box
8. Click OK
9. Ensure DeviceInstaller is checked
10. Click Install
11. Under Welcome to the Lantronix DeviceInstaller and click Next >
12. (Optional) Under Select Installation Folder and click Browse to choose destination
13. Click Next >
14. Under Confirm Installation and click Next >
15. Click Finish