Updating Nameserver / DNS Information to go LIVE

In order to go Live with a custom domain for your new website, a change to your domain name’s DNS records is required.  One of the following options listed below will need to be utilized.

*If you currently have email services with the domain you are updating, please make sure you pass this information along to your Account Representative prior to going through these steps.

Option 1. *Preferred* Change domain Nameservers to use TeamPages Nameservers
Option 2. Change domain DNS records to use C-Name records

Change domain Nameservers to use TeamPages Nameservers:
You will need to login to your Domain Registration Provider's website to update the nameservers your domain is using.  Most domains are hosted with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Yahoo/Melbourne IT, Tucows/OpenSRS, 1&1, Bluehost, etc., or a reseller of one of the previously listed providers.  If you require assistance updating the Nameservers that your domain is currently using we ask that you please contact your Domain Registration provider as a first resource for technical support.  Once you have located the correct area to update your domain's nameserver records you will want to use the following information.

The TeamPages platform currently utilizes the following nameservers for websites hosted on our platform: 

Change domain DNS records to use C-Name records:
If you wish to continue to maintain control of the name servers for your domain, you can update the C-Name records for the root (@) and www to point to the TeamPages system.

Once in the DNS Management area for your domain, remove any existing A or C-Name records for your root (@) domain and any records for www. Then add the following 3 records:

Record 1: 
  1. Subdomain = none
  2. Record Type = A record
  3. Value =
Record 2:
  1. Subdomain = */wildcard
  2. Record Type = CNAME record
  3. Value = www.teampages.com
Record 3:
  1. Subdomain = www (only required if wildcard CNAME records cannot be set
  2. Record Type = CNAME record
  3. Value = www.teampages.com
Should you need any further assistance with any of the above options please contact your Domain's Registration Service Provider as a first resource for domain related technical support, we can assist as a backup reference.