Once a membership package is created (please see Creating/Editing a Membership Package), you will need to create membership package options for participants to choose during registration. Below are steps to create or edit a membership package option after logging into Camp & Class Manager:
  1. Click Membership
  2. Under Actions, click Manage membership setup
  3. Select desired package 
  4. Click New package option button to create first package option setup or desired option name to edit
  5. Input Option name, Price
  6. Select Membership Type:
    • Set as Duration​​: Enter how many Days, Months, or Years membership should last
    • Set as Annual: Input Effective Date
  7. (Optional) Input Description
  8. (Optional) Select Allow auto-renewal 
  9. (Optional) Select Set online purchases to renew automatically
  10. (Optional) Select for early renewals before membership expires
  11. Save
  12. Save