When user click Linking to your ACTIVE.com Listing on the organization account homepage, they may see this error message: 
  • Your organization must have at least 3 active sessions to be able to publish them on ACTIVE.com. Please try again after you have 3 active sessions. 
If your organization already have 3 active sessions, the reason this error message appear is the Program Settings did not turn on under season setup page before the season is activated. To get your sessions published on ACTIVE.com Listing, please follow below steps: 
  1. Deactivate season. See how to deactivate a season: Deactivating a Season
  2. On Home page, click Setup under season name
  3. Go to Season 
  4. Scroll down the page and turn on the Program Settings 
  5. Click Save and continue 
User-added image
      6. Activate season. See how to activate a season: Activating a Season 
  • Note: New sessions will be published on ACTIVE.com Listing every Monday. 
  • NoteProgram Settings needs to turn on under both organization and season level. If you are not sure if the feature has turned on under your organization, please contact Support.