To add additional details for customers to see on the registration form, you can add a Text Block. Below are examples of wanting to add a text block.
  • Inform customers the deposit is nonrefundable.
  • Add a reminder note.
  • Provide clarity to a custom question.
Follow the steps below to add a Text Block.
  1. Under desired season name click Setup
  2. Select Registration forms
    • Note: 6th option located to the right, in blue.
  3. Click Customize registration form
  4. Click Add Form Element drop down box
    • Note: Blue tab.
    • Note: You can add a Custom Question, Subheader or a Text Block to the registration form here.
  5. Select Text Block
    • ​​Adding a Form Element
  6. After information is entered click Apply
    • Note: You can move the Text Block within the registration form by clicking and dragging it.
    • Note: Add a Subheader to draw more attention to Text Block. 
  7. Click Save and Continue
Note: To add a note to camper's family account, please see Creating a Camper Note