When creating a custom question, choosing certain questions will require multiple answer choices.

Note: For more information on creating custom questions, please see the following article: Creating Custom Questions
To add or delete answer choices:
  1. Click Home tab
  2. Click Setup beneath desired season
  3. Select Registration forms on right sidebar
  4. Click Customize registration form
  5. Click Edit next to a custom question
  6. (Optional) Click Add another choice to add an answer
  7. (Optional) Click the blue User-added image to remove answer
  • Note: if the answer choice has responses, it cannot be deleted and the system will set it to Inactive; see below reminder message:
User-added image
  • Note: if the answer choice shows "Inactive" but has no responses received, you can change the Display from Inactive to Internal under Advanced settings section, afterwards, this answer can be removed by clicking blue X 
User-added image

        8. Click Apply
        9. Click Save and Continue