Tuition is the base price that registrants pay for a session. You can offer different tuition rates for the same session, such as half-day, commuter, residential, etc., but if multiple tuition rates are offered, registrants can choose only one.

If you accept deposit payments, you can set this up on the Deposits page (see Setting up a Deposit Amount)

To setup tuition(s) for a session:

1.  From Home tab, click Setup beneath Season with Session to modify
2.  Click Sessions on right sidebar
3.  Choose the Session to modify
4.  (Optional) Add an early bird price (see Adding or Editing an Early Bird Price)
5.  Enter a Tuition name and a Price in the fields provided
6.  (Optional) To offer multiple tuition rates, click Add another tuition
7.  (Optional) Click Edit details to:
  • Enter additional information about tuition in the Description box
  • Set Tuition Capacity to restrict number of participants who can register using this tuition.
    • Note: If left blank, the default is unlimited
  • Set tuition availability (see Availability Settings)
8.  Click Save and Continue