If an organization has multiple tuitions, setting a tuition capacity will allow only the set number of tuitions to be sold. For instance, if there is a tuition that affords a participant extra perks and the organization only wants ten people to be able to have this option, setting a capacity of ten will cause the tuition option to be unavailable after those ten are sold.
  1. Under desired season name, click Setup
  2. From menu on right, click Sessions
  3. Click desired session name in blue
  4. Scroll to Base Tuition section
  5. Click Edit details next to desired tuition
  6. In Tuition capacity box enter desired number of tuitions available
    • Note: Leaving tuition capacity box blank will render unlimited capacity
  7. Click Save
    • Note: Total Session capacity must be greater than or equal to total of all tuition capacities 

For help creating or editing a session, follow these steps: Create or Edit a Session
For help adding or editing tuition, follow these steps: Adding or Editing Tuition