A tuition is the base price that registrants pay for a session. You can offer different tuition rates for the same session, such as half-day, commuter, residential, etc.  If multiple tuitions are available, then registrants may choose more than one tuition.

If you accept deposit payments, you can set this up on the Deposits page. 

To set up tuition(s) for a session, follow these steps.
  1. Under season name, click Setup
  2. From menu on right, click Sessions
  3. Click session Name in blue
  4. Scroll to Base tuition section
    • Note: To allow early registrants to have a discounted tuition, check the box for Early bird pricing and enter desired amount in the Early bird price box.
  5. In Tuition name box and Price box, enter name and price respectively
    • ​​Note: The name of the tuition is the name of the purchase that displays on the confirmation email. For example, if a registrant signs up for a camp with a tuition named "Price," the confirmation email will display the full name of the camp and the tuition as "Price."
    • Note: Additional tuitions can be added by clicking Add a tuition
  • For additional tuition details:
    1. ​Click Edit details
    2. In Description box, add description about tuition
    3. In Tuition capacity box, enter capacity amount
      • Note: If capacity box is left blank, the default will be an unlimited amount of this tuition.
    4. Click Display status dropdown
    5. Choose Online or Internal only
      • Note: An internal only status will not show as an option when customers register online, but will still be available to be added by the organization.
    6. Click Save
  1. ​​At bottom of page, click Save and continue