In order to log into most ACTIVE Network products, you must already have an ACTIVE Passport. Below are instructions to log in to On-Site:
  1. Launch Point of Sale (POS) App and select SIGN IN WITH ACTIVE
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  1. Enter your ACTIVE Passport email address and password
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  1. Click Sign in
  1. Open the verification code email and copy-and-paste the verification code into the Verification code box:   
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  1. Selecting “Don’t ask on this device after verifying” checkbox places a cookie on the specified device which is valid for 45 days and eliminates the need for requiring verification code with subsequent log ins..  
  2. Click Verify & proceed
  3. (Optional) Enter your mobile phone number to receive future sign-in authentication code, click Send Code, enter the code received and click Set up to register your phone number. Or, click Skip and you will log in.
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  1. After logging in, you will be ready to use Point Of Sale (POS)
ALERT: To protect your organization’s information, if the account you are using have insecure passwords, then during login you will be required to set a new password which includes at least 8 characters and three of the following: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers or symbols.

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FAQ for Verification Codes:
1. What versions of Point Of Sale (POS) does this work with?
  • Users will need to be on at least iOS 12 or Android version 10+
2. To which email address is the verification code sent?
  • The verification code is sent to the Email address that you enter on the Sign in page, provided it is a valid email address for an ACTIVE Passport account.
3. I no longer have access to that email address.
  • If you are a staff member of the organization, then please contact the organization’s administrator to create a new account for you using an email address which you can access. 
  • If you are the organization’s administrator and need to change the email address used to access your account, then please contact ACTIVE technical support.
4. I didn’t receive a verification code email.
  • Please check your email account’s spam or junk email folder. We recommend that you mark the email as not junk or not spam to avoid future emails being misplaced. 
  • To resend the verification code email, after the countdown elapses, click Resend.
5. What does the Stay signed in option do?
  • If you are using a private computer to which only you have access, then to stay signed in (for up to 60 days) after you close your browser or shut down your computer, select the Stay signed in option.
  • If you are using a public or shared computer, then do NOT select to Stay signed in.
  • The Stay signed in feature does NOT work if you sign out or your browser is in Private browsing, Incognito or a similar mode where cookies are not saved.