Processing fees may be passed on to participants (paid in addition to registration fee), absorbed by an organization (deducted from registration fee), or split. Below are instructions to adjust this setting
  1. Click Settings
  2. At the organization page, scroll down to How you accept payment from participants
  3. Make selection for Processing fee for online registrations
  4. Click and save
    • Pass this fee onto participants
      • Example: Price $40.00, participant pays $43.95, ACTIVE sends check for $40.00
    • Absorb fee
      • Example: Price $40.00, participant pays $40.00, ACTIVE sends check for $36.05
    • Share fees between organization and participants.

Note: Processing fee settings may be changed at any time - these settings apply to ALL events within an organization (it is not possible to customize per event or category)

 Organization sets up a percentage that participant will absorb of the processing fee

Note: Changes may take up to five minutes to take effect

Note: To inquire the details of your account pricing, please contact your account manager. If you do not know who your account manager is, please visit Contact Us form to connect with Support. 

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