Event Series is an elite feature of ACTIVEWorks Endurance. To enable it, upgrade your account or speak with your Account Manager.

Using Event Series will allow your registrants to sign up once and be automatically registered for a series of events. Optionally, you can also incentivize registering for an event series by offering a discount. To create an event series:
  1. On the ACTIVEWorks Home page, click Create an event series
  2. Enter in the series name and description
  3. (Optional) Filter events by currency and event name
  4. Select the events in the series
  5. Required events: Choose whether registrants will be required to sign up for all the selected events in the series or set a minimum number of events
  6. Choose whether or not to provide a discount for series registrants
  7. Click Save & Continue
In Step 2: Additional purchases, you can choose which additional purchase items will be offered for series registrants.
  1. Click the blue arrow to view all additional purchases associated with an event
  2. Check the box for each purchase item you want to offer to series registrants
  3. Click Save & Continue
In Step 3: Activation, you can choose when to activate series registration.
  1. Use Activate registration later if you would like to save your work and schedule activation another time
  2. Click Activate registration now or on a future date to set a start and end date/time for activation
  • Note: Your organization’s time zone will be used for the times entered in this step
  1. Click Save to finish
Note: Custom questions on different event with same name will appear only once on the form.