If a Volume based Price schedule is configured for a price type, then the registration price may change during the time between selection by the consumer on the SELECT CATEGORY page and clicking the CONTINUE button to proceed to the COMPLETE FORM page due to other consumers buying out the price type at a specific price tier.

There are two conditions as below:

1. To inform consumers of any price changes and obtain their consent to proceed with the new prices, a new Price changed dialog box is displayed if any selected registration prices have changed:
After consumers click the Continue button to accept the new prices and proceed to the COMPLETE FORM page, the registration spots and prices are guaranteed for 15 minutes.
  • Note: The above workflow also applies to event series and Mobile Express Checkout (MEC) registration workflows.
2. For consumers who directly open the COMPLETE FORM page from a link (without first selecting registrations on the SELECT CATEGORY page, such as from a VIP invitation link or Group Packet Pickup link), the current prices of registrations using volume-based pricing are directly displayed on the COMPLETE FORM page, together with a warning message that the spots are only valid for 15 minutes:
  • Note: Consumers can delete a registration by clicking the REMOVE link, which releases that registration back to inventory.