Below are instructions to upload a CSV file to manually assign bib numbers:
  1. Click your event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Click Tools > Bib tool
  3. Click New under Bib tool
  4. Complete field Name the bib sequence
  5. Select the category and price types
  6. Click and select MANUAL IMPORT
  7. Click Download the latest bib numbers, waves and divisions to download participant list as template, or export existing values to overwrite
  8. Manually enter bib numbers and divisions in your file  
  • Note: The manual-import bib assignment tool now allows Event Directors to upload the Division to which participants are assigned. 
  1. Click Choose file
  2. Select file from computer​
  • Note: CSV format, 5MB maximum
  • Note: If file size is too large, try deleting all columns except Registration ID and Bib number columns
  1. Click Open
  2. Click Upload file
  3. Click Save