To send an email to specific people, or a custom segment, follow the below steps, after Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account:

1.) Click EMAIL
2.) Stay on the Regular email tab
3.) Click New
4.) Click Add list to choose your target custom segment
5.) Input all the required field
6.) Choose from the following options:
        a.) Create New Email or Select an existing template
                i.) Create New Email
                        a. Under Add items, Drag and drop items from the sidebar and move them around in the email.
                        b. Select the individual blocks and edit their contents.
                        c. Choose Page style
                        d. (Optional) Save as template
  • Note: Saving an email as a template allows you to use the same format for multiple emails.                                    
                        e. (Optional) Create Template name
                        f.  Click Save
                        g. Click Save & Continue

                  ii.) Select an existing template

                         a. Select the box to the right of the saved template.
                         b. Click Ok
c. (Optional) Make any necessary changes to your saved template
  • Note: If changes are made to the template, to keep the changes Save as template.
                         d. Click Save & Continue

                  iii.) Edit Details
                         a. Add a Reply to email address
  • Note: Reply email address will be the email address that the participant will reply to, i.e. Organization email address.
                         b. Click Add list
                         c. Choose from filtered list or upload a list
  • Note: In the filtered list options, the options are either to Choose recipients from events and Registration dates
  • Note: In the upload a list option, a CSV file will be uploaded, ensure all email addresses in your file are in one column with the column header name "Email". Then ensure file is saved to CSV format.
                         d. Add a Subject
                         e. Add a Description
                         f.  Click Save & Continue

                     iv.) Preview and Send
                          a. Review your email before sending 
                          b. Schedule delivery​
  • Now
  • On future date
  • On trigger
                          c.(Optional) Save as draft
                          d. Click Send
                          e. An email with verification code will be sent to the email address that you used to login to the organization account
User-added image
User-added image
  • Note: The verification code is valid for 5 minutes after it is first emailed out.
  • Note: If you fail to receive the verification code email after 60 seconds, then you can click the Resend button to resend the code email:
User-added image
                          f. Enter the verification code in the box and click Verify & send​​​​
  • Note: Entering an incorrect verification code more than 5 times will block the verification process for 5 minutes.