If you got a new computer or want to install on an additional computer, see steps below to discover your best option.
  1. Still have installation CD?
    1. If Yes: Use CD to install
    2. If No: Continue to Step 2
  2. Was your web delivery purchased 24 months ago?
    1. If Yes: Web delivery is expired, continue to Step 3
    2. If No: Follow First Time Installation instructions that were originally sent
  • Note: If you need a new web delivery sent, please contact hyteksales@active.com 
  1. Is the program installed on another computer?
    1. If No: Continue to Step 4
    2. If Yes: Go to Reinstall Hy-Tek Software: Copy License Method
  2. Do you have the latest version? (SWMM 8.0, SWTM 8.0, TFMM 6.0, TFTM 4.2)
    1. If Yes: Order product replacement ($25)​
    2. If No: Order upgrade to the latest version (price varies by product)