Most computers have the Local Area Connection (LAN) adapter configured to assign an IP Address automatically. In order to successfully connect to an IPICO reader, the LAN needs to be set to specific IP Address in the same range as that of the reader.

To change the IP address of your PC to be in the same subnet as the Reader, complete the following steps:
  1. At bottom right corner computer Desk Top, right-click on Internet Connection Icon
  2. Select Open Network and Sharing Center
    • Open Network and Sharing Center
  3. At top left corner, select Change Adapter Settings
  4. Right-click on appropriate Network Connection
    • Note: If you are unsure which Network is connected to the Reader, disconnect the Reader from the Network and identify which Network disengages within the Network Connections page.
  5. Select Properties
    • Properties
  6. Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)
  7. In IP Address and Subnet mask fields, enter in appropriate information
    •  Note:  You will need to know the IP Address of your Reader.  For this example, we will assume the Reader has the following IP Address:  The new IP Address within the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) settings would need to be 10.19.1.XXX where XXX is any 1 to 3-digit number NOT equal to 51.  After changing the IP Address, delete all values within the Subnet Mask field.  Now, by clicking on the empty Subnet Mask field, the appropriate subnet number will autofill.  The Subnet Mask in this Example would be
    • IP Address and Subnet Mask
  8. Select OK
  9. Select OK