The Elite Reader's Decoder battery needs to be replaced every two years, as well as the Elite Reader's main battery and Delta batteries. Below are instructions for replacing the Elite Reader's decoders battery.

1. Remove Elite Reader's lid
2. Unscrew two chassis screws on Receiver Card
Note: Slotted Flat Head Screwdriver required
3. Remove Receiver Card from chassis
4. Remove current CR1220 lithium battery from Decoder button battery clip holder
Note: Decoder on top Receiver Card opposite front bezel
Note: use Slotted Flat Head Screwdriver remove CR1220 lithium battery
5. Insert new CR1220 lithium battery into Decoder button battery clip holder
6. Insert Receiver Card into chassis
Note: Receiver Card will not connect if not properly set on guide-rails
7. Screw two chassis screws on Receiver Card
Note: Test reader after battery replacement
Note: Re sure to reset time on the Decoder after battery placement. View the IPICO Training Video - Dashboard to learn how to reset time.