Lite Reader's prior to serial number AB000251 have a MOXA processor as their CPU. As such, to recover their IP address, if lost, a timer will have to use MOXA's NP Search Utility. Directions have been provided below to install the MOXA NPort Search Utility.

Note: If using Lite Reader with serial number AB000251 or after, please use the Lantronix Device Installer instead

1. Download MOXA NPort Search Utility
2. Click Start > Computer
3. Navigate to download folder
4. Right click on
5. Click Extract All.
6. (Optional) Click Browse to select destination folder
7. Click Extract
8. Right Click on nploc_setup_Ver...
9. Click Run as Administrator
10. Under User Account Control > Click Yes
Note: May need to input administrator credentials
11. Under Welcome to the NPort Search... > Click Next >
12. (Optional) Under Select Destination Location > Click Browse... to select destination
13. Click Next >
14. (Optional) Under Select Additional Tasks > Click Create a desktop icon
15. Click Next >
16. Under Ready to Install > Click Install
17. Click Finish