To ensure that IPICO, DF (dual-frequency) hardware is performing optimally, particularly before a race, users should systematically test all equipment. It should be noted that environmental factors cannot always be avoided, and as a result, equipment may not function as intended. In order to eliminate environmental interference as a factor, IPICO recommends using the following guidelines for testing equipment well in advance of any event in which the equipment will be used. For additional assistance with testing, please contact IPICO Support directly.

Note: Prior to testing, IPICO hardware users should always perform a Pre-Usage, Equipment Damage Assessment

Materials Required:
  • Reader – fully charged
  • IPICO Mat(s)
  • IPICO RFID Tags (Integrated Test Tag preferred)
  • Computer with Dashboard software
  • Ethernet Cable (Crossover-type preferred)
  • USB Stick (Lite Reader only)

Ideal Environment Requirements:
  • Outdoors
  • As far away from concrete/pavement and large metal objects as possible
  • Away from high-voltage power generators/power supplies

  1. Turn on reader
  2. Verify proper Power Supply startup
    1. LED’s on +Vin, +12V TX, +12V Rx, & +5V will remain solid
  3. Verify proper Transmitter startup
    1. On initial boot, Transmitter buzzer and LED’s will beep rapidly until tuned
    • Note: Tune button may be pressed to speed up this process.
    1. After initial boot, all LED’s will remain solid, with exception of CPU
    2. CPU LED will flash at regular intervals (heartbeat)
  4. Verify proper Receiver startup
    1. Each Receiver will have solid PWR LED
  5. Verify proper Delta startup (may take between 1 and 2 minutes)
    1. LED’s 1 through 5 will light up in sequential order during boot
    2. Intermittent, rapid flashing of DISC LED
    3. PWR LED will remain solid
    4. After boot, CPU LED will flash at regular intervals (heartbeat)
    5. After boot, LED’s 1 & 2 may flash occasionally
  6. Connect Ethernet cable between Delta LAN port and PC LAN port
  7. On Computer, connect to Dashboard
  8. Connect first mat to TXA 0 and RXB (Receiver card 1)
    • Note: The mat tail should be extended so that it is not overlapping itself or the mat.
  9. Press Tune button on Transmitter until beeping ceases (2 – 5 seconds)
  10. While holding Integrated Test Tag parallel to ground, stand over mat center
    1. Field Strength Meter should read within acceptable parameters for both shoe tags and bib tags.
    • Note: One LED equals the minimum power required to activate a bib tag. Nine LED’s equal the minimum power required to activate a shoe tag.
  11. Press and hold BIB TAG button while walking over and around mat
    • Note: If not using an Integrated Test Tag, hold a shoe tag parallel to the mat, or alternatively hold a bib tag perpendicular to the mat.
      1. Verify tag reads in Dashboard
  12. Repeat step 11 with SHOE TAG button
  13. Repeat steps 8 – 12 on all RX and TX connectors
    • Note: For best results, all rows of mats should be no closer than 1 meter apart.

For Lite Readers Only
  1. With reader power on, insert USB stick into VDrive
    1. Verify two short beeps
    2. If more than two beeps, pull USB stick and reinsert
  2. Pass several tags across mat
  3. Press and hold trigger button for 4 beeps
  4. Release button
  5. Remove USB Stick
  6. Insert USB stick into Computer
  7. Verify tag reads were successfully saved to USB Stick