Once you have Created a Session and Added Instructors you can assign an instructor to a session. Once the following steps have been completed it will allow customers to see who will be teaching or running the class or camp they are registering for.

To assign an instructor to a session:
  1. Click Setup below season name
  2. Click Sessions
  3. Click on Session name
  4. Click Assign Instructor
  5. Select Instructor
  6. Click Apply
    • ​​Note: The system will not allow an instructor to be added to a session if there is no time and days of the week assigned to that session.
    • Note: The system will not allow you to assign an instructor to more than one session with overlapping dates and times
    • ​​Note: The system will always let you know if an instructor is unavailable but you can still choose to Assign Instructor
  7. Save and Continue