To allow authorized users (including ACTIVE users, agency administrators and account owners) to set up and manage global session options that can be easily reused and assigned to different seasons and sessions, a new agency-level Session options feature has been implemented.

To create a global session option: 
  1. From Home page, click Add-ons tab
  2. Click Session options tab
  3. Click Add (or Create your first option if no session options exist)
  4. Enter required Session option name and Price
    • Note: Check box of Allow user-defined amount if registrants are allowed to enter their desired price amount (usually when you set it up for donation)
    • Note: Check box of Allow this session option to be discounted by coupons if you allow the price to be discounted by coupon code at checkout step
  5. (Optional) Enter Capacity
    • Note: It is unlimited by default if no amount is entered
    • Note: Check box of Allow this session option to be purchased in quantities if you allow registrants to purchase more than one
  6. (Optional) Configure Session option type
  7. Configure Availability: set Status (active or inactive), and when (date range) and where (online or internal) it is available for purchase
  8. Assign to desire Seasons and Sessions
    • Note: After assigned, global session option can be viewed under desired seasons/sessions. To add a specific global session option to a session from session setup page, please refer to Add Global Session Option to Session
  9. Assign existing GL code (if any)
  10. Click Save