Once customer cannot login to their online account confirm the following.

  1. Customer is logging in via the correct online account link. 
  2. Confirm customer's Username
    • Note: Username should match email address in customer's account under Online Account Email Address
  3. Confirm Online Account Email Address Status
                 Note: Status should display Active
                               User-added image
             Note: If customer gets error message  “This person is not associated with an online account,” Status will display “Invited,” this means the invitation has been sent but not accepted or opened. Invite can be canceled and re-sent
                        User-added image
      4. Please try to resend invitation first, If customer continues to have issues, contact Support.
Note: For error "Your ACTIVE.com Account is Not Yet Linked to This Organization.", please see this article: Error Message - Your ACTIVE.com Account is Not Yet Linked to This Organization