When participants decide to cancel their registrations on their own, they can go to their online accounts to process it. 
  • Note: This option is only available when it is enabled and configured by Agency. 
To cancel a registration, check steps below:
  1. Log into Online Account Link with registrant's online account login email
  2. Switch to Current & Upcoming on Home page
  3. Locate the registration and click Cancel
  • Note: if  cancel links are not clickable, please contact Agency.
  1. (Optional)Choose your refund method
  • Note: This option could be available if both refunds to the Original payment method and the consumer’s Credit balance were configured by Agency.
  1. Review cancellation and refund details
  • ​​​​​​​Note: If there is any unpaid Remaining balance for the purchase, then it is deducted from the Refund total and NOT refunded to the participant.
  1. Click Confirm