Email template not showing as an available option when sending email to a single family. This means that the email template includes Merge Fields that have Dynamic parameters.
Note: Dynamic parameters are special types of parameters the may change value each time it is used.

Merge fields with dynamic parameters:
  1. Register now
  2. Participant first name
  3. Participant last name
  4. Session name
  5. Session type
  6. Session location name
  7. Session start date
  8. Session end date
  9. Session start time
  10. Session end time
  11. Registration balance
  12. Group assignment
  • Note: If there are merge fields inserted in your email templates, only the templates that have agency level and family level merge fields are available from drop-down. Templates that have participant and registration merge fields are not available. In other words, please ensure your template has no merge field or has no other merge fields except for {Register now}.