Below are instructions to edit your event's registration confirmation email.
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. Click desired event name under Your events 
  3. Click Setup  
  4. Proceed to Configure Emails Sent Out
  5. Toggle on/off Sending confirmation email to registrants who completed their registrations. If Sending confirmation email is toggled on, please continue to see below.
  6. Under Confirmation email>Email basic settings, From, Reply to and Subject can be edited
  7. Click Edit to change email header image
  8. (Optional) Check box next to Include registration questions and answers, additional purchase and discounts
  9. (Optional) Check box next to Include check-in QR code on confirmation email to expedite check-in using ACTIVE On-Site
  10. Under Email message, Click Arrow right to review Standard email message (cannot be edited) Note: Click Learn more to read about merged fields
  11. Click Add a custom message if any custom information for event or specific registration categories are necessary
  • Note: Click Add a custom message again to create another message
       12. Apple Wallet Options: Options for displaying ticket in Apple Wallet:
  • Apple wallet card(optional): check box next to Do not show Active logo on the Apple Wallet card;
  • Background: use default background or use custom background image
  1. Under Notifications, toggle on/off sending copies of every registration confirmation email to you
  2. Click Save & continue