Below are instructions to enable Kiosk Mode of your events' result page:
  1. User your ACTIVE Passport Username / Password to log into
  2. Click Manage results 
  3. Click target event name under Your event results 
  4. Copy link under Event result link
    • Example:
  5. Append ?appMode=kiosk to the end of the URL
  • Example:

Note: The following pages, links or feature are hidden in kiosk mode:
  • ACTIVE Results Home page
  • My results
  • Manage results
  • Social network sharing icons
  • Claim result buttons
  • Support links in the page footer
  • Sign in / Sign up
Note: In kiosk mode, on the search result page and Participant page, after 15 seconds of inactivity, the kiosk returns to the selected Event page.