To change your event from a normal event to a virtual event, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. At home page, click on desired event name
  3. Click Edit Event from the menu on the right side
  4. Choose Event details from Event setup menu
  5. Insert "Virtual" in your event name (For example: Virtual Run; Virtual 5K)
  6. Turn off Location switch
Virtual Event Setup
  1. Input your event start date and end date
  2. Click Save & continue
Note: To understand what is a virtual event, please click here.
Note: Location is no longer displayed on the Categories page and listing configuration page for a virtual event.
Note: Virtual events don't appear in On-Site app.

Note: If a Virtual Event is copied, you will need to enter the new event and manually update the Virtual Event setup. 
Note: If you would like to allow registrants to upload their own virtual event result, please check the box of Use Active Results for this event in Activation step.

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  • You will then be able to obtain your event's result link on your event's setup page.
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ALERT: After the first result has been submitted by a participant, you are no longer allowed to edit the event's Category types and Distances. These two fields will be grey out.