If your events meet the following two criteria, they will not be visible in your On-Site App account homepage:
  1. Status is Event completed 
  2. All dates are more than one day away in the past from your current date (today) at Registration Categories
To make these events reappear in your On-Site App account homepage, you will need to change one of registration category dates to a date on yesterday or any dates after that.
  • Example: Assume that it is 18 Feb 2016 today on your calendar, one registration category date need to be changed to 17 Feb 2016 or later in order to make its event name reappear in On-Site App account homepage.
Below are the instructions:

1. Log into ACTIVEWorks Endurance on your computer
2. Click your event name under Your events
3. Click Setup tab
4. Click Event Details under Event setup on your right
5. Change event end date to a date on yesterday or any dates after that 
User-added image
6. Click Save & continue
7. Click Registration Categories under Event setup on right
8. Click Edit next to Date & location of one desired registration category to change
User-added image
9. Change date to yesterday or any dates after that in Edit date & location window
10. Click Save 
11. Click Save & continue
  • Note: Refresh On-Site App account page now and your event is back.