For ACTIVE Timing users, it may be helpful to have a checklist on hand to go through before each event, or during the creation process. Each list item below is linked to an instructional article for your convenience.

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive checklist. It will only cover those areas which are common to all locally created (i.e., not imported from ACTIVEWorks Endurance, etc.) race setups, as there are too many scenarios to account for in such limited space. If you have any questions about a specific area that is not addressed here, please email, and we will be happy to assist.
  1. ACTIVE Timing - Add Locally Connected Readers
  2. Import/Add participants
  3. Assign bib numbers
  4. ACTIVE Timing - Dual Frequency UID Assignment
  5. ACTIVE Timing - Import UID File
  6. ACTIVE Timing - Create Divisions (optional)
  7. ACTIVE Timing - Create Waves (optional)
  8. ACTIVE Timing - Configure Race
  9. ACTIVE Timing - Specify Score Settings
  10. ACTIVE Timing - Sync Time Locally
    • NOTE: There are additional time-sync¬†options available (depending on the reader you own), but this is the most commonly used across all readers.
  11. ACTIVE Timing - Set Gun Time