If you wish to adjust the price of a purchase made by a customer you can do so by editing the purchase amount. If the order is paid in full or the adjustment is greater than the remaining balance of the order a refund will result. To issue a refund without editing the purchase price, please see this article on issuing Partial Refunds.

To edit the price of an existing purchase:
  1. Click People tab
  2. Search customer's name in search bar
  3. Select customer's name
  4. Select Order number
  5. Next to Item name, select Edit purchases from Actions drop-down menu
  6. Next to tuition price, click Edit
  7. Select Manually adjust price
  8. Reduce price by amount
  9. Click Continue to review screen
  10. Review changes
    • ​​Note: If customer paid by cash or check and is due a refund the organization must refund the amount to the customer manually by cash or check
  11. Click Submit