ACTIVE charges a registration fee for each registration and a processing fee every time a credit card or eCheck is used for payment. Please note that these fees are non-refundable. For cash or check transactions, there are no processing fees, but registration fees still apply if a registration was made. If you are on a percentage model for registration fees, the percentage will apply to the registration total, regardless of payment type. 

You can Specify Who Pays the Registration Fee:

  • Absorb fee: Registration fee is deducted from revenue before ACTIVE sends remittance payments. Processing fees are always absorbed by the organization.
  • Pass fee on: Registrant pays tuition, any add-ons, and registration fee at time of registration.
Note: Changes can take up to 5 minutes. Fees from internal registrations will be absorbed by the organization by default. If registration fees need to be passed onto (split with) the registrant regardless of registration type, please contact your account manager. 

Note: To get the specific details of your account's pricing tiers, please contact your account manager. If you don't know who your account manager is, please contact support at