It is possible to send a test email to check the contents of a broadcast email before actually sending it to all intended recipients. 

It is recommended to send the test email to various email providers (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) as emails, filters, and spam settings are different for each. When viewing the test email, ensure that all images show up as intended and that all links work correctly.
1. Click Email tab
2. Click New and choose New Email
3. Add required fields and a message body
4. Under Preview & Send of navigation bar, click Send test email 
Send test email
5. Type in email address(es)
  • Note: Up to five email addresses, separated by commas, can be entered.
6.Click Send
Note: It can occasionally take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours for the test email to show up in an email account. In addition, some providers display emails immediately, whereas others may process longer. This varies based on the provider and is outside ACTIVE's control. Please also check the junk and spam folders if the email does not appear to be delivered, and ensure that the spam filters are not auto-blocking emails from

Note: You cannot send an email confirmation test. You will have to go through the registration.