If your registration needs to be closed in preparation for your event or any other reason, use to following steps to turn registration off.
  1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click an event name under Your events
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Activation
  4. Close registration by choosing one of two options:
    • Select Activate registration later to close online registration immediately
    • Select Activate registration now or on a future date to schedule registration close on a future date, by following steps below:
      1. Check event name to select all registration categories included
      2. Click EditUser-added image
  1. Type in any date in the past for Start date/time to keep online registration open
  2. Select your registration close date in the future for End date/time
  3. Click OK
  • Note: Your ACTIVE.com listing can also be unpublished by unchecking Publish your event listing on ACTIVE.com (it may take up to 24 hours for your event to appear)
  1. Click Save & continue