If a prepaid spot is no longer wanted, you can delete the pre-paid invitation and issue a refund to the team captain. If the invitation has already been redeemed, you must find and cancel the registration made by the recipient.

Note: Only Owner or Coordinator users with refund permissions may issue refunds to team captains
Note: At present, ability to enter refund amount must be enabled by support - please submit a support request to gain access to this function

Below are the instructions after Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account

Note: If refund is not required, proceed to step 5
  1. Click event name under Your events
  2. Click Participants
  3. Check box next to participant's name, click View
  4. Cancel and issue refund for PrePaid purchases from Orders as follows:
    1. Click Actions button next to Order ID > Select Cancel
      • Note: Verify prepaid registrations are purchased within this Order ID
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  1. On Cancel order page, uncheck items that do not need to be cancelled
  2. Check Pre-paid registration only
  3. Enter Refund Amount and Quantity to cancel and refund
    • Note: Quantity will be default to 1 if only one unused prepaid registration is in the order. In this case, only Refund Amount needs to be entered
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  1. Review and confirm Refund Total is correct
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  1. (Optional) Enter comment > click Next
  2. Review modified items > click Next
  • Note: If first refund initiated, a message appears requesting credit card information - card entered is only billed if organization owes ACTIVE funds at end of given remittance period
  1. Delete Prepaid Invitation links as follows
    1. Click Teams tab
    2. Click team name
    3. Click invitees inside blue box
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  1. Tick box next to unredeemed invitation > click Delete invite
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  1. Click Delete
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