Form questions are fields presented to registrants during registration and become information available to your organization for reporting or research. We automatically add common standard questions, but if these don't meet your needs then add questions from the available library or create your own customized questions.

Note: By utilizing custom questions on the registration form, you agree not to collect or elicit any special categories of data (which may be amended from time to time), including, but not limited to data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, or religious or other beliefs, trade-union membership, as well as personal data concerning health or sexual life or criminal convictions.

On July 17th 2018, ACTIVEWorks Endurance have released a new feature to support form questions for each registrant type - Myself, Someone else below 18 and Someone else above 18. For more details, please see Form Question for Someone Else

Below are instructions to configure and manage form questions
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. Under Your events, click Event Name
  3. Click Setup
  4. Click Form questions under Event setup 
  5. Click Edit form
  6. Click each form question template category on left side to choose desired question
  • Note: To create a custom question, please click Custom questions category to choose desired question format
User-added image
  1. Within Edit properties, fill in question details as necessary
  2. (Optional) Check Require numbers only if applicable
  3. (Optional) Check Require a response to set questions mandatory
  4. (Optional) Check Show question in Active On-site
  5. (Optional) Check Also add the question to "Someone else 18 or over" and "Someone else under 18"
  6. If required, click Advanced settings to complete Adjust Advanced Settings in Form Questions
  7. Click Apply 
  8. Click Save & continue